My First Lettering / Word Art!

I’ve been wanting to experiment with hand lettering and word art for a long time, and the amazing illustration apps on the iPad were the perfect inspiration to start. This was made using Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw – I created the “watercolor” pattern in Sketch and then imported it as a background image layer to Draw, where I did all the lettering.

From the quotation itself I was inspired to go with a theme of “heaven on earth” – thus, the dark blue background and creamy white lettering combine to evoke the “heavens”…night sky imagery comes up quite a bit in Shakespeare, especially elated to love. I was inspired to write in a circular shape because, as I think was known by Shakespeare’s day, the “earth” is round!

Here is the sample sketch I did in notability to figure out the spacing:

The quotation was provided by my sister! Feel free to pin or save as a lock screen or background.


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