When Calls the Heart BINGO CARDS!

As a family, we LOVE When Calls the Heart. It’s one show that everyone from my grandparents to my youngest cousins can watch and enjoy. The drama is never overwhelming and there are often funny moments and beautiful bits of advice. Although I’m not usually one for a romantic drama, I love this show as a connection we share as a family.

However, any true fan can’t help but acknowledge that after four seasons, the show has developed some pretty funny clichés. What on earth is up with spaghetti apparently being the only meal these people ever make? Does Jack realize that there are more ways to flirt then just saying “I’ll keep you warm?” What are the chances that every major piece of gossip in the last six episodes was discovered from behind the back shelf at the general store? And why can’t Mr. Gowen ever come on screen like a normal person; or is it his right as the main villain to only ever appear suddenly out of the shadows? These are just a few of the Hope Valley tropes that seem to be in every episode and never fail to make us laugh a little.

Therefore, with that in mind, and just in time for the Season Four finale, I present to you: When Calls the Heart Bingo! Just give everyone watching one of the six cards, press play, and any time one of the clichés on your card happens, you cross off that square. The first player to cross off five squares in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins! To print the cards, just right click on each image, save it to your desktop, and print it from there. Don’t forget that the center space on each card is “free!”

All content and design by me, with the help of my wonderful family. Enjoy!


One thought on “When Calls the Heart BINGO CARDS!

  1. This is so wittily clever! Our family will be playing this when we watch the season finale tonight!! Thank you for sharing it


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