Why I can’t wait for Tangled: Before Ever After

concept art by Claire Keane, Disney

Bummed about the closing of She Loves Me? Mourning the cancellation of Galavant?! Fear not!! Levi, Menken and more will be returning soon in the musical, beautiful Tangled: Before Ever After!

There are plenty of great places to learn about it, such as here, here and here at various Disney blogs, but ESPECIALLY here – seriously. This girl is following the creation of the show like it’s her job. Which it actually may be – she got to go to the recording studios and such? So check it out. Her “Speculation” posts are a bit much for me…I would rather just wait and enjoy what the creators come up with than dissect and analyze every syllable they slip like it’s the freaking Avengers. However, the sheer number and intensity of posts is truly inspiring. Plus, it all just looks sooooo cute!

So what am I most excited about? Let me spell it out for you.

  • In addition to bringing back the original voices of Flynn and Rapunzel, the cast is absolutely loaded with Broadway talent.
  • It’s done in 2-D animation (see above). How cute is that? I love that the artists chose classic animation with modern angles and textures, done by Claire Keane, who did some amazing concept art for the original movie.
  • But most of all, as alluded to in my opening paragraph, I am super. super. stoked. for. the music!!! A musical tv show! Yaaay! Based on the creative team, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, I’m hoping it will have the same fun and wit of Galavant, but less inappropriate. A hilarious musical animated show with characters I love that everyone can enjoy? Is this possibly the most “me” thing I’ve ever come across in my life???? Best! Day! Ever!!!

Last I heard (or read on that prolific tumblr), the show will premiere in February with a special 2-hour feature, with the series starting that summer and slated to run for 3 years. Yaaaaay!!!